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Day out with the Family, Short Break, Family Holiday, Adventure Escape, Romantic Getaway or Group Gathering there is plenty of space to roam, play, inspire, relax, and visit time after time.


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About the Farm


Tapnell Farm is situated on the west of the Isle of Wight. It is home to 400 dairy cows producing over 8,000 litres of wholesome fresh milk every day. The farm spans across 800 acres of rural countryside.

The south side of the farm was the location for the 'Isle of Wight Pop Festival' 1970. The largest music festival with over 600,000 fans of Joni Mitchell, The Who, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix, to name but a few.

Not only is Tapnell home to the Dairy Farm there is a lot more that the space has to offer - such as holiday rental cottages, a beautiful manor to rent for holidays and events, and it is also home to Tom's Eco Lodge, a popular glamping site.

Our Story

Tapnell Farm is owned and run by Turneys Farming.

The Turney family have been in farming for over one hundred years and we took over the care of Tapnell and East Afton Farms in 1982. The farm now has 300 cows and produces 8,000 litres of fresh wholesome milk each and every day of the year, no exceptions. Their production is sustained 365.25 days a year, every year. You can't get much more sustainable than that.

They aim to approach new tourism work with the same mindset and endeavour, combined with the passion for the countryside, farming and the Island. Their golden rule is “to pass on our farm in better environmental and productive health than it was at the beginning of our life’s tenure”.

Turneys Farming promote and use local cleaners, builders, plumbers, shops and produce where possible. The Island is a relatively small place and you quickly become known so it's important to work with each other and in harmony. All guest to the farm are always encouraged to utilise the local producers, suppliers, attractions, pubs and restaurants.

Staying at Tapnell Farm on the Isle of Wight opens up many great local experiences that both young and old can learn from and enjoy. These experiences, as simple as, witnessing a calf being born, might seem unspectacular to those who enjoy country life day in day out, but for most this is a rare experience.


Tapnell Farm, is a short drive or scenic ride from the idyllic port of Yarmouth, which had a regular ferry from Lymington. Other routes include Portsmouth - Fishbourne, Southampton - Cowes or Portsmouth - Ryde, all of which are less than 40minutes from the lodge.

The farm is set up upon a hill with panoramic views of sea and rural landscape. On clear evenings the sunset is spectacular and absence of light pollution means the sky is dense with stars.

As there is no public transport to the farm we would recommend brining your car or hiring a bike. There is so much of the Island to explore and nowhere takes too long to drive - 45 minutes later you will be at the tip of the East of the Island.